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This series has grown from strength to strength and the calibre of underground DJ’s that have created mixes for us so far has been amazing. It’s now time for one of Progressive House UK’s earliest family members to step up to the plate and make his mark– Lee Scott.

Lee’s style weaves effortlessly between deep house and progressive house whilst subtly fusing it together with backbone of tech house groove to create a well-studied audio soundscape. Beats can skip along happily while beautiful vocal tracks soar through and over soft warm basslines whilst within one quick transition the pace can change from a more laidback tempos into more urgent rolling rhythms and percussive workouts.

So be warned. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security early doors as the moody, rumbling tracks creep in and deliver a solid blows right when you don’t expect them. His control of mood and tension throughout this mix will give you insight that this is a man who knows his dance floor and wants to tell you his unique musical story.

Ladies & Gentlemen we welcome 009 – Mixed & Compiled By Lee Scott

Show Notes

1.    Soma Soul – Eclipse, Feat Ed Begley – Edu Imbernon Remix (Radiant)
2.    Savaggio – Cerulean – Jared Looe Remix (Submarine Vibes)
3.    Mam And Cosmosolar – Interference (Soundteller Records)
4.    2clic Feat Torsak – Off Textures - Da Fresh Remix (Melopee Records)
5.    Talal, Katie Cobatt, Ewan Rill, Haunted 11 (Dear, Deer Records)
6.    Lads – Interference (Rebellion Der Traumer)
7.    Hot Since 82 Feat Jem Cooke – Buggin (Knee Deep In Sound)
8.    DSF Hugs Around – Roy Rosenfield Remix (Radiant)
9.    Tony Casanova – Zatra (Katermukke)
10.  Marc Romboy – Octagon (Bedrock Records)
11.  Cioz & Superflu – Jodi Bush (Cross Town Rebels)
12.  Adult Karate Feat John Tejada – Your Ghost – Speaking In Tongues Remix (Plug Research)
13.  Mitch De Klein – Secret Lake (Manual Music)
14.  John Creamer & Stephane K – Wish You Were – Alfonso Muchacho Rework 28mm – Shitter (Understated Records)
15.  Mariano Mellino – Astros – Biancah Remix (Sprout Records)
16.  Julian Wassermann & Artche Muse (Einmusika Records)
17.  D-Nox & Beekers – Skylab (Selador)
18.  Mount Mike – Masai Mara (Suckmusic)
19.  Blade Runner – Marco Plex Remix (Renaissance Records)

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