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Dr. Manu Kumar covers how HiHello is reworking the concept of a business card.

Show Notes

HiHello is a business card app for your mobile phone which makes exchanging contact information easy. Dr. Manu Kumar talks about how his app transfers data between people easily.

Here is a link for listeners: This will allow you to download the HiHello app. And if you go to HiHello and signup for a plan on the pricing page, HiHello will put you on our promotional plan which gets them 30 human-verified business card scans within a 30 day period for free for a limited time.

About Dr. Kumar

Dr. Manu Kumar, is the co-founder and CEO of HiHello, Inc. He is also the Founder and Chief Firestarter at K9 Ventures, a technology focused Pre-Seed fund based in Palo Alto California. Through K9 Ventures Dr. Kumar has invested in companies like Lyft, Twilio, Carta, Auth0, LucidChart, Everlaw, Osmo and more. He has also co-founded several companies: SneakerLabs (acquired by Octane/E.piphany), iMeet (merged with Netspoke, acquired by Premiere Conferencing), CardMunch (acquired by LinkedIn), Carta (today over 700 people, valued > $1B in it's latest financing round by a16z, Lightspeed, and Goldman Sachs), and HiHello. 

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