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Video games have helped us train our cognitive and emotional skills which have spilled over into our personal lives such as work, family, and life in general. In this episode, we discuss the games which aided in developing our cognitive and emotional skills.

This is currently a controversial topic in the mental health field. Some see the benefit in technological apps like breathing apps etc but are still coming to understand how games like smash brothers, first-person shooters, etc are therapeutic.

The easy answer is that video games are rich in storytelling and metaphors which is how we help kids heal.

Show Notes

Michael a.k.a. BigCat discusses his time at the 2019 Association for Play Therapy Conference in Dallas, Texas. We collectively answer questions about our cognitive abilities and emotions based on our experiences with gaming. Below are a timeline and links relating to important topics we addressed during our episode.

02:18 - I Thrive Games Clinicians Guides -

03:12 - 2019 Association for Play Therapy Conference -

19:28 - Heidi Kaduson -

27:53 - Terry Kottman -

31:04 - FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

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What is Life and Gaming?

Life and Gaming.

We debate and explore all generations of video games, systems, and the industry which drives our hobby. We examine hot, important, and impactful topics in the gaming industry.

We share stories about how each of us relate to different generations of games we experienced growing up while simultaneously learning a little more about ourselves. Take this journey with us as we explore our lives with video games and how those games influence our lives.