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Patrick talks about the Netflix drama Citation as well as an 80's horror spoof Student Bodies and a 90's classic. Jeff talks The Wolf of Snow Hollow, The 2006 sci-fi South Korean film The Host as well as some Disney classics.

Show Notes

This week we have a lot to discuss. Patrick starts it off by talking about the Netflix drama Citation. He then talks about the first Horror spoof, Student Bodies as well as revisiting the 90's classic As Good As It Gets. 
Jeff talks about the horror/comedy The Wolf of Snow Hollow, and the Bong Joon Ho monster movie The Host (2006). Jeff also talks about two Disney live action classics, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) and The Cat from Outer Space (1978). 

What is Parental Advisory Movie Podcast ?

A movie podcast where two dads, Jeff and Patrick talk about movies that they have seen with and without their children. They also discuss stories about taking their kids to the movies.