Japan By River Cruise

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Your #1 source for River Cruise-related Japan Travel Info and News. In this Episode, Ollie gets to put his extensive background in Japan-related copyright law into practice for the first (and likely only) time EVER, as we discuss that whole Kim Kardashian kimono #kimohno thing that you've already forgotten about, plus Bobby finds himself involuntarily caught up in the WORST part of a company night out.

Also, Ollie's got the scoop on a Tokyo-adjacent River Cruise that the terrorists have really missed the boat on, and Bobby basically gives you a cheat sheet for this year's JLPT N1, by explaining all of the river-cruise related Japanese idioms that will DEFINITELY be on the test.

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What is Japan By River Cruise?

Stand-up comedians Bobby Judo and Ollie Horn purport to report on the Japanese river cruise industry each week.