LuxUnplugged Podcast

Adrien discusses with Fedor Antonov the journey of Anisoprint, a 3D printing machine manufacturer using composite materials, from a Russia-based firm to a fully fledged player manufacturing highly specialised equipment in Luxembourg. They go through the whole framework that Luxembourg offers for industrial players like his business, and what his exciting plans are for the future especially in the space industry context.

Show Notes

Adrien welcomes Fedor Antonov, CEO and co-founder at Anisoprint, to the show. An academic at heart and accidental entrepreneur, Fedor walks Adrien through the genesis of his firm together with his co-founders and how he further pursued his world-class research and project after the sponsoring university discontinued the programme. Then they get into the weeds as regards the whole process behind their 3D printing technology and how the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber offer a clear-cut advantage to their customers in many industries. Thereafter Fedor explains why he chose Luxembourg not only to conduct business from there but also to manufacture highly specialised 3D printing machines. Adrien briefly touches upon the application of his technology in the space industry where his firm recently experienced a major breakthrough. Finally, Fedor lays out his numerous exciting plans for Anisoprint.

What is LuxUnplugged Podcast?

People from Luxembourg are quite familiar with the country’s discreet approach when it comes to blowing its own trumpet at the global scale. Despite its relatively small geographic print, the Grand Duchy punches well above its weight on the world stage!

This podcast is here to shed light on Luxembourg’s global influence from the perspective of two Luxembourgers living in London.