Business as an Adventure

Today’s guest is Paige Griffith, a lawyer, entrepreneur and creative who helps creative business owners navigate the miasma that is contract and intellectual property law.

Not only does she run her own firm Griffith Law, PLLC which is a virtual law firm specializing in small business law and intellectual property law. But she also runs The Legal Paige, a business and service that helps photographers, videographers, coaches, wedding planners, and other small creative businesses have better contracts, so they can cover their butts. Something that we know so many small businesses often don’t do until it’s too late.

Today we talk through the five biggest legal mistakes that most photographers (and creative business owners) make, and how and why you should avoid them. We are really excited to have Paige here, because legal questions are super common in the business education space of photography, and we always have to temper our answers with large disclaimers about how we are not lawyers and are not giving legal advice. But now we have an actual in-the-flesh expert!

What is Business as an Adventure?

An interview podcast for photographers and other creative entrepreneurs to get to know how the best in our industries are getting it done. We talk about marketing, sales, SEO, practice, vulnerability, personal struggles and everything inbetween.