The Seed to Forest Podcast

This episode features Pankaj Agarwal, the co-founder and CEO of TagHive. With over 75 patents under his belt and being recognized as Fortune 40 under 40, Pankaj is a leader in the field of education technology.

Pankaj explains how his experiences led him to co-found TagHive and create solutions like Class Saathi, which helps make the classroom experience more interactive, with easy-to-use Bluetooth clickers for each student. With over 4,000 schools already associated with TagHive, Pankaj gives us insights into how his company's technology is transforming education and bridging the gap between students and teachers.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about TagHive’s innovative education technology and its potential to shape the future of learning.

What is The Seed to Forest Podcast?

The Seed to Forest Podcast, powered by EkStep Foundation and hosted by Gaurav Gupta, is a show dedicated to problem-solving methods, personal experiences, and lessons learned from successful Education & Skilling company entrepreneurs. Through interviews with dreamers and doers in the Education & Skilling companies space, Gaurav explores the first principles and mantras that guided their growth from a seed to a flourishing ecosystem. With a focus on sharing valuable insights and inspiring stories, this podcast aims to help listeners navigate the challenges and opportunities of building successful Education & Skilling companies. Tune in to The Seed to Forest Podcast to learn from the experts and take your Education & Skilling company's journey to the next level.