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In honor of Father’s Day, BJ’s dad, Brian Kraemer Sr, joins us for this episode of Inspiring People and Places to discuss all things life and leadership! 
Mr. Kraemer always knew he wanted to get married, coach, and serve his country. In this conversation, you’ll hear all about his family, his career in the military, and what inspired him to join the Air Force. 
Mr. Kraemer also tells us how sports and teamwork influenced his parenting style. In addition to his Air Force unit, the kinds of missions it did, and his time at Hurricane Huntershow. 
Finally, he shares some books he recommends, the lessons he’s learned from them, and why fatherhood is a man’s most important job. 
Thanks for listening and happy Father’s Day!
Key Points From This Episode:
•   How Mr. Kraemer became interested in the military and eventually, got into the Air Force. 
•   What his first deployment was like and how it affected his family. 
•   An overview of the kinds of missions his Air Force unit did.  
•   Leadership lessons from sports that have served Mr. Kraemer well in life and fatherhood. 
“Service before self!” — Brian Kraemer Sr
“Fatherhood is your main vocation. Once you become a father, that is your number one before work. God, family, country.” — Brian Kraemer Sr

“It’s a privilege to be a father, it’s even more fun to be a grandfather, and I hope I am able to stick around for another 20 years or so to maybe become a great-grandfather someday.” — Brian Kraemer Sr
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