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In this episode, Mike and Eric dive into Stoic Philosophy and its practical application in our
modern society.

Show Notes

Stoicism, one of the founding principles of Ancient Greek Philosophy, is a powerful school of thought that emphasizes virtue and self restraint in a world of unpredictability. Although developed many years ago, Stoic principles are just as important and applicable today.

In this episode, Mike and Eric dive into Stoic Philosophy and its practical application in our modern society. In such trying times, with so much going on outside of our area of control, Stoicism can help us make sense of things while still being able to protect our mental well being. Our experts share thoughts from their own personal journeys with Stoicism and how it has helped each of them enhance their personal and professional lives.

Key Topic Timestamps
  • 01:45 - Eric’s Perception of Stoicism
  • 05:20 - What is stoicism?
  • 07:40 - Morning Routine Episode
  • 08:45 - Relevancy of stoicism to current pandemic situation to stay sane
  • 09:15 - Area of control
  • 13:30 - Epicurus vs. Stoic Philosophy
  • 16:00 - Marcus Arelius & Stoicism
  • 19:15 - Thoughts on Epicureanism
  • 21:30 - Developing skills, controlling mind, & striving for perfection 
  • 22:30 - Choice vs. Addiction 
  • 26:45 - Long term thinking with Stoicism
  • 29:25 - Introducing a Stoicism to younger cohorts; importance of long term thinking 
  • and temptation
  • 41:00 - How labeling as “a Stoic” goes against Stoicism
  • 42:20 - Why is Stoicism more important now more than ever?
  • 44:30 - Favorite resources to further knowledge on Stoicism
  • 52:00 - Final thoughts
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