Clydesdale Media Podcast

So excited to have Brent back on the show as he prepares for Semifinals a little differently this year.  Can't wait to find out the reasoning behind this move by the Professor. We talk examining weaknesses over Brent's Long career.  Sometime an athlete needs to take a step back to take several steps forward. What can we do to better run CrossFit into the future?  Definitions of what the Open is, what Quarterfinals are? Maybe what a Burpee is, What is a HSPU?  How do we make less online competitions or make them feel more like live comps?  These are the initial steps.

What is Clydesdale Media Podcast?

We cover the sport of CrossFit from all angles. We talk with athletes, coaches and celebrities that compete and surround in the sport of CrossFit at all levels. We also bring you Breaking News, Human Interest Stories and report on the Methodology of CrossFit. We also use the methodology to make ourselves the fittest we can be.