This Isn’t Therapy

This isn't therapy... it's some straight up real talk about depictions of therapy in popular media. Simon, a filmmaker, and Jake, a therapist, talk about the emerging media genre of fly-on-the-wall therapy. From explosive couples’ dramas on TV to podcasts with recorded therapy sessions, fly-on-the-wall therapy is pulling in huge audiences. But is it ethical? Is it exploitation? Is it just unhealthy voyeurism? 

Article: ‘It was actually beautiful’: the wild rise in people turning their therapy sessions into devastating TV by Eleanor Morgan

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What is This Isn’t Therapy?

This Isn’t Therapy... it's a podcast about it! ⁣
Therapy themes are everywhere you look— they’re in your relationships, in the news, and yes, inside of you! Each week, hosts Jake and Simon peel back the therapy curtain to discuss the topics and themes that come up in therapy and show up in your life. Anxiety. Boundaries. People Pleasing. Your narcissistic mother. No topic is off limits!

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