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The Four Gospels of Hollywood: Evans, Hemsworth, Pine, and Pratt. Let's decide which one is the best. Link to vote:

Show Notes

No one asked, so we answered: Which Hollywood Chris is the best Hollywood Chris?

On this episode, we talk about the quadsquad known as The Four Chrises: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, and Chris Pratt. We talk about which ones we like, which one we don't like very much, and say farewell to all the other famous Chrises that didn't make the cut. Tangents include but aren't limited to: Trent's audition for his high school production of "Into the Woods," how Bradley Cooper and Chris Pratt have kind of had the same career trajectory, and Kyle Christie (!!!) from MTV's The Challenge and Carl Wilson from America's Band The Beach Boys.

Voting Schedule:
Final Four Voting: Monday 9/13 + Tuesday 9/14
Championship Voting: Wednesday 9/15 + Thursday 9/16
Winner reveal on a new pod on Friday 9/17 ;)

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What is The Tournament Podcast?

The Tournament Podcast forces some of pop culture's touchstones into one of the world's favorite past times: a tournament to determine what's best! New episodes every Monday and Friday. Hosted by Nia D'Emilio and Trent Dozier.

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