How to Solve Climate Change

Today you will learn from expert guest Dennis Liu about protecting biodiversity, why it may or may not help solve climate change, how it works and what needs to still be done for it to be an effective solution to climate change.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (01:41) - What is protecting biodiversity?
  • (05:35) - Why would protecting biodiversity help to solve climate change?
  • (06:51) - Why would protecting biodiversity not help to solve climate change?
  • (08:56) - Who benefits and who is harmed by this solution?
  • (11:35) - How does protecting biodiversity work?
  • (16:24) - What innovation or policy is needed for this to be an effective solution?
  • (19:33) - Recommended resources
  • (22:48) - Top skills to learn for solving climate change
  • (26:34) - Final Recommendations
  • (29:23) - Activity

Dennis Liu, PhD, is Vice President for Education of the E. O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and the Half Earth Project. Dr. Liu is an internationally recognized expert in science education. Dr. Liu directed the production of educational media at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and before that with Video Discovery and Microsoft. He’s worked with scientists, education specialists, graphic designers, animators, and filmmakers to produce an array of educational products that have had a lasting impact on science education. Dr. Liu has managed cross-disciplinary teams devoted to assessing and assuring the educational impact of media products, including professional development and community building. He’s been an executive producer and editorial advisor on over a dozen film projects for theater, broadcast television, large screen, and digital science programs aimed at educational audiences and the general public.

Dennis studied zoology at the University of Wisconsin, earned a PhD in Biology from the University of Oregon, and then conducted research and taught in the Department of Genetics at the University of Washington. He has a passion for explaining diverse science to diverse audiences, and has advised on numerous museum exhibits and media projects. He wrote a longtime feature for the journal Life Sciences Education.


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