Retail Coffee Break

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8 years ago 2 co-workers set out to redefine what custom dress shirts meant to men, and fast forward until today Kirk Keel and his Co-Founder Matt Hornbuckle are changing the definition of custom menswear as they continue to grow with already 400 stores of distribution.

Show Notes

Kirk Keel and his now Co-Founder Matt Hornbuckle were just two guys working for Johnson and Johnson before they decided that there was a huge opportunity in custom menswear. Offer great product, with an (almost) custom fit, at a great value. Fast forward until today, and Stantt has over 400 stores of distribution, is adding new categories and continues to grow.

This is that story, what happened in 2020 and what the future looks like for Stantt and Menswear as a whole.

Learn more about the brand at:

About the host - Nick McHenry is the Co-Founder and CEO of OneShop the platform redefining the way stores communicate and sell to their customers.

What is Retail Coffee Break?

Do you work in fashion and retail and are interested in talking business strategy? Are you looking to grow or start your own retail business? Do you just love retail???

If this is you, go crank up your Keurig or stop by your favorite coffee shop as we discuss the business of fashion and retail every single week over a cup of joe. In these casual conversations, Nick sits down with the leaders of the industry as well as those on the front lines to discuss the current state and future of the retail business.

Since Covid 19 hit, it is no secret that retail has been hit hard, and the hardest-hit category is fashion. Through these conversations, we hope to empower the industry to get through this stronger than ever.