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Acheron, the Demon King, by Andreya Stuart Chapter Two. Like many young women, Mary Shepherd yearns to believe in a mystical world filled with Gods and Goddesses that make wishes come true. Unlike most, she was left on the church steps by her mother, raised by nuns, and haunted as a child by creatures no one else could see. When a Cambridge archaeologist works miracles and then invites her to join his coven, she can't help but agree. But what will learning his secrets cost her? You will love this seventeen episode dark romance, if you enjoy gothic novels, featuring magic, demons, cults, covens, and tarot.

Show Notes

Acheron: The Demon King is a book by Andreya Stuart. You can find more books by Andreya on Amazon.com. Book titles include Pirate's Desire, Ruined!, Hysteria, Acheron's Gate, The Silver Chalice, and The Warlord's Demise. Note that the books are always steamier than the podcasts. 

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Wild and wicked romance novels for those who love serious historical romance . Whole books read chapter by chapter. Find more great books by Andreya Stuart on Amazon.com and Audioiron.com.