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When is a product done? When should you build vs buy? Join host Kyle on this episode of Product by Design as he speaks with Brad Hawkins, Chief Solutions Officer at ServicePower as they discuss product development, user experience, AI, and more. With 28 years of experience, Brad shares his passion for finding solutions and elevating customer experience. Listen as they discuss prioritizing user experience in software development, the evolution of claims processing, and unifying a platform. Get ready for insightful discussions about machine learning, practical solutions, and personal growth.

Brad Hawkins
Brad is the Chief Solutions Officer at ServicePower, a leading field service management software for companies like Costco, LG, Whirlpool and more. Brad has more than 25 years of experience in developing field service solutions that enhance processes and elevate customer experiences. 

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[00:00:07] Field Service Management with Brad Hawkins
[00:03:35] Golfing and Career Journey with ServicePower
[00:06:58] Streamlining Warranty Payment Processes
[00:10:06] Value Creation and Workforce Management in ServicePower
[00:13:37] Unifying Platform Technologies Through Acquisitions
[00:16:36] Prioritizing User Experience in Software Development
[00:19:56] Continuous improvement and buying vs building software
[00:23:16] Long-Term Employment 
[00:26:41] Career Growth Within One Company
[00:30:02] Building Platform and AI in Software Industry
[00:33:19] Challenges with AI and Machine Learning Implementation
[00:36:44] Learning Simplicity in Career
[00:40:09] Staying focused on core competencies
[00:43:04] ServicePower's Unique Workforce Solution
[00:46:17] Embracing Life's Unexpected Journey
[00:49:37] Speaker's Social and Digital Media Promotion

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