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Best-selling author and public speaker, Andreas Antonopoulos, shares his views on money for the 21st century. The effect of COVID-19 on financial markets, China's central bank digital currency, the concentration of bitcoin mining in China and other topics are also covered. Andreas leaves us with a parting admonition that only a money that is of, by and for the people can resist authoritarian government control.

Andreas has been interviewed by Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, and Financial Times for his industry expertise. He has been a repeat guest on The Joe Rogan Experience and London Real. He has been featured in numerous documentary films, and is a permanent host on the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast with more than 400 episodes recorded to date.

Andreas considers it his mission to educate as many people as possible about Bitcoin and open blockchains. He is a prolific publisher, with several best-selling books, and is the author of The Internet of Money book series, which focus on the social, political and economic importance and implications of Bitcoin.

Show Notes

Separation of Money and State: Andreas Antonopoulos Talks Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas' Interview with Peter McCormack on the Defiance podcast
(In our interview, I mistakenly referred to Peter's other podcast, "What Bitcoin Did")

Bitcoin Mining Explained

China Controls Much of the World's BTC Mining Power

The Rise of Digital Money

What is IPR: My Digital Self?

The mixed blessing of the digital age has reached a turning point in what some have called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. My Digital Self, with host Matthew Foley, explores digital technology as it affects the interrelation of human rights, property rights, privacy, and money.

Will emerging blockchain technologies enable us to take back our privacy, own our identity and use non-sovereign digital currency, known as cryptocurrency, to engage in commerce? Listen to discussions with guests who explain these cutting-edge technologies, tell us how they are currently being used and pull back the curtain to our possible futures.

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