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How can records managers gain buy-in for RM programs in highly regulated industries? What are best practices for records management teams following a merger? How do records management and privacy work compliment each other? Julie Honeycutt, Records Technical Lead at BB&T now Truist, offers her answers to these questions and more.

Show Notes

This week on P3 it’s all about records management. Julie Honeycutt, Records Technical Lead at BB&T now Truist, joins P3 to talk about her records management experience in the financial industry.
Julie brings 20 years of records management experience to the discussion as she shares her personal experiences in records management, her take on how records management and privacy work together to strengthen companies in highly regulated industries, best practices for records managers following mergers, and more.
As privacy regulations such as the CCPA and GDPR continue to emerge across the country and around the world, records managers must partner with additional business units to ensure comprehensive RM and compliance programs are established, enforced, and practiced company-wide. Julie shares her tips on where to look for internal partnerships to gain buy-in, support and traction for RM programs. Tune in and be sure to subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode!

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