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Marilyn Mosby says proof beyond reasonable doubt becomes proof beyond all doubt when seeking justice against officers for violating the law. "The vitriol, the personal and the professional attacks, particularly against black, female prosecutors is unprecedented,” according to Mosby. The individuals making decisions about who’s going to be charged, what they’re going to be charged with, what sentence recommendations they’re going to make — 95% of those prosecutors in this country are white; 79% are white men. As a woman of color, she represents 1% of all elected prosecutors in this country. Mosby's very existence challenges the status quo.

Show Notes

The world knows what happened to George Floyd, but there are many before him. A similar case was Freddie Gray which Mosby was the prosecutor and she charged six officers in his death.  She disrupted the common path and life has never been the same for her. Mosby has been fervently criticized, had her competency questioned, and has received multiple death threats since 2015. Critics refer to her as an “activist prosecutor” and “social justice prosecutor,” Such is the price for seeking justice and accountability, especially as a black woman prosecutor.

What you will learn 
How tragedy and a family of law enforcement informed her career path.

Solutions to criminal justice reform.

Lessons from her experience with Freddie Gray and what the nation can learn.

How does she deal with criticisms and harsh attacks?

How to be your authentic self and stay grounded in leadership and public service.

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Show Notes
The attacks on Mosby https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.baltimoresun.com/politics/bs-md-pol-ga-mosby-letter-20200305-pa3lwzt3u5cn3cle6d3a5ngo2q-story.html%3foutputType=amp

Op-Ed Floyd and Freddy Gray
Equal Justice is what we want

Nothing is the same after Freddy Gray case

The state should come down hard in police brutality 

Kim Gardener 

Mosby's family History in law enforcement 
The attacks on black female prosecutors 

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