In Development Podcast

Today's guest on "In Development" is Ranon Soans. In this episode, the group delves into a thought-provoking discussion on district and city planning. "Cities are complex beings that need to live and breathe," so how do we best create plans with the understanding that they will continuously need to be amended? How do we enable what we want to see without restricting what we fear, while also providing certainty to residents and the public interest? What is the optimal balance between assessment and negotiation versus setting things in stone? Ranon also discusses the delicate balance of involving communities in the planning process to gather their perspectives and engagement, all while ensuring an efficient decision-making process to keep things moving forward. Join the conversation and listen now!

Ranon Soans is an urban planning specialist with a rigorous
understanding of planning processes and development in Alberta. Since joining
the team at Clarity Development Advisory in 2019, he has
coordinated a large variety of projects including complex rezoning
applications, public engagement efforts, and larger land use planning
proposals. Ranon’s skillful and knowledgeable proficiency in the industry is
built on diverse experiences in urban research, planning practice, and
involvement in development projects.

Ranon holds a Master’s degree in Human Geography from the
University of Alberta. He continues to be actively involved in academic
research focused on urban revitalization and affordable housing, and regularly
advocates for planning policy changes in Edmonton. Ranon is passionate about
placemaking, urban design, and sustainability transitions, and enjoys using
systematic thinking to better visualize problems and find solutions.

What is In Development Podcast?

This is the podcast for all you city-builders, city-shapers and city-dwellers out there that care about driving change towards people- centred communities. On In-Development we talk about how Canadian cities develop in and up. We are presented by IDEA, the infill Development in Edmonton Association, a non-profit education and advocacy group bringing together like-minded people working to shape our City.