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Welcome to the CTO Connection Podcast!

Show Notes

Welcome to the CTO Connection Podcast!

StartupCTO.io was an amazing podcast, but Kevin and Miles got busy with their many other projects, so they decided to pass it along to myself.

I’m an ex-CTO, a Senior Director at WeWork/Flatiron, and the founder of CTO Connection - a series of summits, meetups and an online platform where engineering leaders can connect with and learn from their peers. I’m speaking with senior engineering leaders from fast-growth tech companies on a regular basis anyway for the summits and meetups, and in the last few weeks, I recorded over fifteen new interviews with engineering leaders like Nick Caldwell, CPO at Looker, Edith Harbaugh, CEO of LaunchDarkly and Rebecca Parsons, CTO at ThoughtWorks. Look out for a new episode every couple of weeks. And if there’s ever anyone you want to see on the show - email me - peter@pbell.com - and I’ll do my best to fit them in!

Editing & Post-Production by Dante32.

What is CTO Connection?

StartupCTO.io was the original Startup Engineering Leadership Podcast. Now it’s part of CTO Connection - the organizers of the @ctosummit conference series!

Learn from the experiences of successful engineering leaders at fast growth tech startups. Whether you want to learn more about hiring, motivating or managing an engineering team, if you're technical and manage engineers, the CTO Connection podcast is a great resource for learning from your peers!