Split Happens - Divorce Down Under

Alex dusts off an old book from his shelf and takes Liza through a time-traveling look at Family Law. Our hosts will ask and answer many questions from this old book and see how Family Law has changed over the years.
This is an interesting and important episode as many people would be operating under past assumptions of Family Law, Alex, and Liza in their special way will bring you "Back to the Future" and clear the fog of Family Law.

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What is Split Happens - Divorce Down Under?

Welcome to Split Happens, where we dive into all family law matters. Hosted by Alex and Liza, two experienced professionals, the podcast offers an insightful and sometimes entertaining look at the intricacies of family law. Exploring difficult subjects involving kids, money and property, to help you navigate the complex world of family law. Join us each week as we tackle a new topic and uncover fresh perspectives on an often daunting subject.