Seasonal Practice

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Fr. Andrew Honoré, a priest in the Antiochian Orthodox Church join us to talk about the gift of fasting in community.

Show Notes

Fr. Andrew Honoré, priest and pastor of Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church speaks with us about fasting. He shares about the rich Lenten practices and tradition of fasting in the Orthodox Church. He also shares how the congregation supports each other throughout the Lenten season.

More on Lent in the Antiochian Orthodox Church here.

We'd love to hear from you. How are you observing Lent? Have you ever fasted? Are you fasting from food or something else? What has the practice of fasting brought to your spiritual journey?

Share your stories with us at Thank you for listening! Practice well.

What is Seasonal Practice?

Join us as we journey through liturgical seasons together and with friends. During our first season we seek new richness and depth in the Lenten season.