Yoga Connection With Zorananda

Welcome to the Yoga Connection with Zorananda. In this episode I sit down with Zarnoosh and dive into his three part project Cloak and Dagger. He released Chapter 1: Star Serpents on Halloween, and has recently released Chapter 2: Revenant of Time. With the release of chapter 2, I thought it fitting to bring Zarnoosh back onto YC and chat about what he's released so far, music, soulmates, and the laws of the universe.

"Music and Philosophy his Life-Blood, Zarnoosh dedicates every breath to making this his reality. Upon a Time he met an Entity, his Mind unraveled. Requiring some self-directed re-assembly, Zarnoosh silently sharpened his sWords behind the curtain. Armed with Wisdom, Fire and the very face of the entity that collided his soul, Zarnoosh now emerges, ready to join the fight for Higher Ordered Consciousness."

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What is Yoga Connection With Zorananda?

The Yoga Connection is a deep dive into everything yoga. Follow along with Zorananda and his guests as they discuss yoga history, spirituality, different practices, and the many misconceptions that have followed along throughout the years of yogic tradition.