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This session is a profound dive into the work of Tessa Kaneene, Senior Advisor at Harvard University. As a global policymaker, innovator, and social activist, she offers vital, experiential wisdom on the creation of a fair and equitable society, and speaks to the necessity of the tech sector’s role in progressing civic justice – specific to the current challenges of policing here in the United States.

We also explore Tessa’s upbringing and activist legacy, how she applies the action of deep rest as a core Unstruck principle of wellbeing, her early work in architectural design and international urban planning, and her current love for youth driven to elevate society through engaged policymaking.

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Show Notes

Tessa Kaneene currently serves as a Senior Advisor at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Throughout her career, Tessa's work has focused on the design of innovative programs, projects and policies rooted in social justice. 

She is a global trailblazer, having worked in urban policy in Europe, throughout the United States, and in South America – specifically for the Cities of Barcelona, Spain — Detroit, Michigan — San Francisco, California – and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

Tessa’s contributions have equally forged new paradigms in United States history by her having additionally served on Barack Obama’s Senate and Presidential campaigns, and most recently in her completed role as Deputy Director of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 Campaign for President.

As of Spring 2021, Tessa is also a newly minted Leadership Council member for the Meridian Center for Cultural Diplomacy, under the Biden Administration's U.S. Department of State. As a Council Member, she will partner with 180 international heads of state, and thousands of Meridian Center program alumni – artists and leaders worldwide, collectively committed to using the power of the arts to break barriers, create cultural understanding across borders, and collaborate globally to resolve today's most challenging issues. 

Tessa holds a Bachelor’s degree of Architecture, from Princeton University, and a Master’s degree in Urban Planning, from Harvard University.

Connect with her on
Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Music Instrumental | "River Runner" – Marie and Shimmer. © All Rights Reserved.

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