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Here's a quick overview of what I reviewed before I signed up for the CPLP; a few suggestions of review and my plan for studying learning and performance along with the Learn/Perform Mixtape podcast, of course.

Show Notes

My Study Notes for this Learn/Perform Mixtape episode: 

Here's a message I received  ATD after being "accepted" as being eligible to sit for my exam -- 

There is no prerequisite study/preparation requirement for the CPLP program; however, most candidates find it necessary to do so. Depending on your learning style and preference, there are a variety of additional study/preparation options available. Here are just a few suggestions: 
  • Create your own materials using the CPLP Knowledge Exam Content Outline, found in the back of the CPLP Candidate Handbook.
  • Take the free Practice Exam and other prep products just uploaded new practice items this week.
  • Become a part of an ATD Chapter Study Group.
  • Connect with people on your same journey in the CPLP Candidate group on LinkedIn
  • Practice exams and a Study Guide for the Skills Application Exam are now available. They can be found on the CPLP Certification Handbook webpage - https://www.td.org/certification/do-i-meet-the-requirements (See bottom of the page) 
The CPLP registration fee covers the cost of all testing and test related materials for a one time sitting. Fees do not cover the cost of study or preparation materials, study group support, travel expenses to and from the testing center, transfers, or retesting fees.

I've decided to become a member to get a discount on the ATD Learning System: CPLP Edition. Get ready to put aside 80+ hours of study just to prepare for the first exam -- the Knowledge Exam. Here are a few other prep resources from ATD: https://www.td.org/certification/preparation

Here are a few helpful resources I found to prepare before I signed up for the first exam (January 24, 2020) that are open or accessible for free, specifically two previous webcasts from this year from ATD on the CPLP and SAE exams:
p.s. The ATD Competency Model is changing mid-2020 -- as they are reviewing this now. This podcast series is relevant for the current model and prep for the CPLP exams scheduled for early 2020.

Are you studying for the CPLP now? Let me know and let's connect:
Podcast web space: https://techknowtools.com/learnperform-mixtape/
Twitter: @laurapasquini
LInkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurapasquini/

What is Learn/Perform Mixtape?

The Learn/Perform Mixtape is a podcast of my study notes as I prepare for the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). More at: https://techknowtools.com/learnperform-mixtape/