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In this podcast, Prasanna talks to our guest host, Shawn Drost about her journey towards sustainability, the fascinating work that Future Proof Shipping is doing and the importance of decarbonizing the shipping industry for the future.

Show Notes

Prasanna Colluru is the Director of Corporate Strategy at Future Proof Shipping (FPS), a Netherlands-based company that provides zero-emissions marine transportation services to enable players across the value chain to make the energy transition in shipping. At FPS, Prasanna is responsible for maintaining a strategic overview of alternative fuels and zero-emissions technology markets, assessing technologies (on their commercial, technical, operational, and financial) viability, and enabling holistic decision making on the choice of technology/solution for zero-emissions vessels. Prasanna holds an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) and a bachelor’s degree in design from NIFT (New Delhi).

In this podcast, Prasanna describes her journey as well as that of Future Proof Shipping which is looking at changing the way marine transportation is for the future. Their first zero emissions ship will be setting sail later this year, further proof that hydrogen can lead the way forwards towards a new economy.

01:47 – All about Future Proof Shipping 
03:35 Prasanna’s journey in sustainability 
06:07 – Zero emissions vessel setting sail 
10:39 – Market research on customers 
13:13 Hydrogen infrastructure 
10:39 – Market research on customers 
13:13 Hydrogen infrastructure
15:51 – Shipping's multi fuel future
18:45The New Hydrogen Economy course from Terra.do
19:25 Decarbonizing ships 
23:02 – Politics and policy 
25:42 – Call to action - repair, reuse, recycle

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