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The brothers, Jason and Adam talk about one of the video game companies they love most: Bethesda. We discuss current Bethesda games, future games and how the company has impacted our lives. We nerd semi-hard on topics relating to Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and Doom. Lastly, we debate what Bethesda is doing right and wrong. Take this journey with us as we explore Bethesda.

Show Notes

We take our first shot at discussing a video game company. If you liked or disliked our episode or want to hear a similar episode let us know in our review section.

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Looking forward to the next episode!

What is Life and Gaming?

Life and Gaming.

We debate and explore all generations of video games, systems, and the industry which drives our hobby. We examine hot, important, and impactful topics in the gaming industry.

We share stories about how each of us relate to different generations of games we experienced growing up while simultaneously learning a little more about ourselves. Take this journey with us as we explore our lives with video games and how those games influence our lives.