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Please enjoy this TSHE Instant Classic from October 2020 while we recover from an array of work and nonsense this week. Also: If you happen to be attending the TBTL 4000th Episode, let us know!

 Episode #55: Cracker Talk… Yes, Really:

Is anybody feeling hungry? If you aren’t now, we guarantee you will be once you’ve listened to this show. Meredith, Ann, Bobby, and Hillary are slicing up some cheese, grabbing a jar of fig jam, and talking about crackers. From the platonic ideal of a Triscuit, to a “meat essence” salt bomb, to staples of our childhood, to what we serve when we’re being fancy, we’ve got thoughts about crackers. There’s a live taste test, disposable mini-plates, the Saltine Cracker Challenge, and some delicious little cannibal bites. Plus, Bobby introduces another new segment, both Meredith and Ann have shocking diet soda-related confessions, and we find out which movie Hillary’s ashamed she hasn’t seen.

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