Cosy Science Fiction Thrillers by AudioIron

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Richard and Paige take up the threads of their old life only to find Eddie reaching out from the grave to solve a mystery. His message, and his unsettling gift, will change their lives forever. In this episode Paige begins to learn what made Richard and Eddie unique, and starts to uncover the tragedy that set them apart.

Show Notes

Serqet is a full cast science fiction thriller about loyalty, power, brothers, and engineers. Set just ten minutes into the future, it's an adventure you won't soon forget. If you like what you hear visit to find more to enjoy.

What is Cosy Science Fiction Thrillers by AudioIron?

Full cast Science Fiction Thrillers with audio special FX that stir the heart and startle the mind. If you enjoy Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, or Bradbury you'll find these dramatized science fiction experiences appropriately insightful and entertaining.