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I really enjoyed talking to Stephan. He has such an interesting and diverse background having been an investment banker, an entrepreneur, a CEO, past Chairman of European Venture Finance Network, advisor to various organizations Said Business School to now being a VC. We covered a lot of topics including how VCs in Europe can identify the next Airbnb or Uber in Europe to what entrepreneurs have to have before looking for seed or Series A funding.

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Show Notes

  • [1:28] - Which of the various roles you have had - consultant, entrepreneur, board member, CEO, investor, and now VC - have you enjoyed the most, and why?
  • [4:14] - What is “Indico powered by Google Startups” initiative?
  • [9:10] - How can European VCs get better at identifying the next big Airbnb or Uber in Europe?
  • [14:50] What is the Portuguese startup scene like?  Where are the opportunities in Portugal?
  • [17:54] - What are some of the areas of opportunity Indico Capital is focusing on?
  • [21:35] - How can Europe make its startup ecosystem better?  What is still missing to produce more successful startups out of Europe?
  • [29:30] - What do entrepreneurs need to have before they look for seed or Series A funding from your point of view
  • [35:18] - What are the top 5 lessons or advice you would have for entrepreneurs?


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