Life In Wartime

You've heard of the phrase, "Entertaining ourselves to death?" Is that what's happening during the Corona Pandemic? David and Steve explore...

Show Notes

What is entertainment, and when does it slip over into anaesthesia? If you're going to be spending a lot more time in front of your TV during this period of isolation, how can you do it profitably?

David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine put our pandemic entertainment habits under the microscope and ask what good they're doing us.

At the top of the list, is it possible to laugh appropriately at hard times? From Jojo Rabbit to A Hidden Life, the Life In Wartime team challenges the idea of what can be considered amusing in times of crisis.

What is Life In Wartime?

The COVID-19 epidemic has brought upon us all the moral challenges associated with living in a state of constant conflict. We have to choose how we're going to respond to this global threat day by day, and David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine from Third Space are here to help you think through the implications of the messages we're hearing, and how God would have us live in these challenging times.