The Bookening

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The Bookening keeps talking The Big Sleep.

Show Notes

This time it's personal.

No, really. It is. Yep, Nathan has a relationship with this one. You'll hear all about it. Also donor shout-outs come at the very end. So that's a thing.

Support our heroes here, and experience the joy of the following chapters:

00:01 General awesomeness
02:50 Baggage
09:45 Nathan doesn't want to talk about Chandler
12:09 Succeeding in a formula
15:44 Modern poetry
18:04 Marlowe
20:12 Depraved characters
24:16 Old grittiness
26:55 Jake proves definitively that Chandler is better than Flannery O'Connor
35:00 Too racy?
40:59 Donor shout-outs!

What is The Bookening?

3 guys—a pastor, a scholar, and their gleeful provocateur—discuss the great books. We take God and literature seriously—but the second one not overly so.