Will Write for Wine

This week on Will Write for Wine… it’s week two of our two-week series on goal, motivation, conflict, and Podcast Alley Top Ten Stunts! Last week Sam drank a stout, this week Lani sings a WWfW theme to the tune of Gilligan’s Island. Hey, you asked for it. Plus, Lani goes the extra mile and drinks some bad wine. So who loves you more, huh? And who wrote this description? Same person. Lani. That’s right. Also, wine cork people, Jon Stewart’s extreme HOTness, and Lani plays straight man to Sam’s wise-ass remarks. Did the poles shift? We don’t know. All in all, a pretty good show, especially if you like Lani going, “Eueugh!” every time she drinks. Which Sam really did.

What is Will Write for Wine?

A classic podcast from 2007-2010 featuring the best writing advice two drunken romance writers could offer. Which was pretty good.