Ski The Whites

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Wrap up conversation with Race Directors Andrew Drummond and Monte McIndoe along with interviews with Finisher Ben Eck and First DNF Jerimy Arnold.

Show Notes

Great to catch up with Monte and talk about the stories and numbers from Last Skier Standing 2021. Also, interviews with Jerimy Arnold and Ben Eck.
00:00 - 33:15 Wrap up with Monte
33:16 - 51:17 Interview with Jerimy Arnold
51:18 - 83:05 Interview with Ben Eck

What is Ski The Whites?

Host Andrew Drummond interviews people who all have some tie to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We include weekly weather updates from WGME chief meteorologist Charlie Lopresti as well as behind the scenes happenings of Ski The Whites.