Meet a new kind of startup accelerator.

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Imagine if gig workers like rideshare drivers or grocery shoppers were compensated for their labor through ownership stakes in the Lyfts and Instacarts of the world. Imagine if companies distributed profits not just to founders and investors, but to their employees and customers. is an accelerator for startups that are doing just this—reimagining concepts like scale, investment, and governance under a cooperative ownership structure, and trying to create a more equitable economic system in the process.

Show Notes

Exit to Community - 00:13 | Twitter | LinkedIn - 00:37

Greg Brodsky on Twitter | LinkedIn - 00:54

Greg's dad, Howard Brodsky - 1:25

Greg was on the board of directors of the Cooperative Development Institute, a nonprofit for coops - 1:38's graduates - 2:29

Jessica Mason on Twitter | LinkedIn - 2:54

40 Acre Cooperative - 5:31

The U.S. Federal Reserve says the typical white American family has 8x the wealth of the typical Black family - 6:50

Equitable Economy Fund - 7:20

Driver's Seat Cooperative - 11:11

Twitter discussion about imagining Apple as a coop - 12:56

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