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Outspoken LDP (& JBRC) critic Jake Adelstein updates his 100-day Suga progress report to include the State of Emergency soft reboot, and Suga's inability to commit to anything... except hosting the Olympics.

Show Notes

Outspoken LDP (& JBRC) critic Jake Adelstein updates his 100-day Suga progress report to include the State of Emergency soft reboot, and Suga's inability to commit to anything... except hosting the Olympics.

Ollie recommends a cruise that got itself a recommendation as part of the negotiations.

Bobby helps a couple of Guinness World Record Adjudicators rethink their life decisions.

Topics discussed on this episode:
  • A sponsored message from DoomScroll-kun: Don't just be helpless. Feel Helpless!
  • America in the news, and how complicit we are in the system
  • People continuing to deny Bobby's Judaism
  • Insurrection as Staycation
  • Why Malaysia is preoccupied with it's own constitutional crisis
  • What IS what America is?
  • America's Brexit
  • How the Japanese media takes an "objectively truthful" look at the American crisis
  • The Japanese public's pressing question about what's going on with America
  • Suga's response to the recent US election and subsequent fallout
  • Whether or not the GOP is going to jettison TRUMP
  • How Japanese news outlets report on Western news like they're an international chain mail
  • Jake's Suga Vindication
  • What the Japanese public thinks about how Suga's doing, and boy, it ain't good
  • Suga breaking some of Abe's records in the worst ways
  • The laundry list of Suga Suckage including
  • GoTo Campaign Blunders
  • Picking a fight with the Science Council, which, why DID he do that?
  • How picking the fight drew attention not only to Suga's pettiness, but to his problematic policy making
  • A comparison between Trump-McConnell and Abe-Suga
  • Abe scandals and how he got let off the hook, and how Suga was involved/tainted
  • The Soft State of Emergency
  • How the government made obvious mistakes in the public eye and refuse to admit it
  • How the LDP might be using the pandemic to become more draconian
  • Suga's Olympian-like determination in insisting to hold the doomed Olympics
  • Jake's longing for the halcyon days of the Abe administratio- wait, WHAT?
  • How the Japanese public's faith has been shaken to like a magnitude 5
  • Where's the LDP going next? 
  • Might the next PM be Japan's first female PM?
  • If so, is she being set up for disaster, or is there nowhere to go but up?
The extras this week are NON stop laughs! They start with Bobby confusing Jake's girlfriend for a dominatrix and it gets WORSE from there.

Topics discussed on the Extras:
  • Jake's current, and recent past love life
  • The BIG STEP Jake and his girlfriend took to take their relationship to the next level
  • Dating Apps in Japan, and Ollie's strategies for gaming the system
  • Bobby's continued incredulity at/jealousy of Ollie's romantic success
  • The best complimentary insult Bobby's ever been subjected to
  • The society of former Abercrombie People
  • Our VERY different experiences with that particular fashion brand
  • Our enjoyment of Ambroise Velvet's twitter, where she screenshots Japanese men's dating profiles, and uses them to teach Japanese and shed light on creepy or funny aspects of Japanese dating culture
  • Jake's article about dating and dating apps on Japan that got killed
  • Neurosurgeon/Chefs on Tinder
  • That time when Tinder Japan tried to pretend it was a language exchange matchmaker
  • How Bobby using his book writing process to take advantage of Jake and insult Ollie
  • It's Jake's 3rd appearance, so we decide to FINALLY learn how to pronounce his name
  • Foreign names that get Brutalized by katakanization
  • How Jewish Ollie thinks names sound
  • The different kinds of pornography that Ollie's name sounds like
  • Are the Olympics going ahead? Can they? 
  • How very different the idea of making sure the Olympics work for the whole country seems today
  • Is there a REAL reason that people are pretending that the Olympics are going forward?
  • How the Olympics have stopped time as we know it
  • Bobby's heavy-handed Tokyo Olympics allegory and how we could make Suga the hero

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