I thought it was time EV Quest had a song/jingle. So here it is - the EV Quest song/jingle

Was fun to make. It brought back memories of all these reviews.

Listen and enjoy, cringe or wonder why - Adrian. I’m willing to tour it!

Driving down the road in my electric ride
Feeling the power, no engine it glides.
E.V Quest
The channel for electric car reviews
Bringing you all the brands
Giving you  EV news

Plug it in
Charge it up
And hit the road
Taking you on a journey
Review, then upload
From Tesla to BYD
And every other brand on the scene
EV Quest knows what you need to see

[Verse 2]
Click on your YouTube
Subscribe to the show
E.V. Quest's got the knowledge
And they're lettin' it flow
They'll review every make and model
Tell you what's the best
They've even got a podcast
They put every EV to the test

What is EV QUEST?

EV Quest is a podcast about Electric Vehicles. Adrian Maidment from EV Quest is on a "quest" to find an EV to replace his current petrol car.