Little Things

No doubt you've heard the phrase, "for such a time as this." Did you know that's just the last six words of a much longer Bible verse? The account of Esther has been glamorized. The truth is a much grittier account, fraught with evil and less-than-ideal circumstances. Today we start our series that takes a deep dive into the book of Esther. In this first episode of our 7-part series, we look at Esther chapter 1 to examine Xerxes, Vashti, and the nobles in the most powerful court of the time.

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What is Little Things?

Amber Albee Swenson, one of our Time of Grace writers and bloggers, will help you navigate through some of life’s challenges and struggles by using Scripture and her own experiences of being a mom, wife, speaker, teacher, and forgiven child of God ... Because in God's kingdom, the little things ARE the big things.