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It may be 2020, but in the B2B eCommerce world, there are still PLENTY of orders being sent to suppliers as PDFs. Which means there are still LOTS of human employees sitting around keying orders into ERP systems, when they could be adding so much value elsewhere. In this episode, Andrew chats to Product Manager Aaron Rasmussen about Lucy - a sales order automation tool that handles purchase orders for businesses who are tired of paying smart people to do data entry.

Show Notes

Sales order automation is not a new invention, rather, it’s the digitisation of an age-old process. There are countless B2B businesses out there with sophisticated eCommerce solutions who struggle to get some customers to order online. So what do they do? Pay someone to sit there punching orders into their back-end systems. Which naturally means slow processing times, human error, and costly returns.
Here’s where automation comes in. In Episode 6, we meet Aaron Rasmussen, Product Manager at Lucy
An AI-enriched solution, Lucy is empowering businesses to transform their purchase order to sales order process, benefitting their cashflow, customer service levels, and cost-to-serve.  
The journey with Lucy has also seen some surprises along the way…  Join us for a behind-the-scenes look into the world of order automation.
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Meet Lucy!

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