The Upper Hand

Sports betting is a hobby with high risks but also high rewards. With the correct information you can find a loophole and beat the odds. In this episode of the upper hand we take a closer look at sports betting to find out how you can become the best. I visited Owen, a trader at IMC in Amsterdam. He has a lot of experience while searching the internet on finding the best betting opportunities. For the first time ever, he shares his winning strategy, so you can try to become the next betting champion!

What is The Upper Hand?

A lot of games are played across the world, but only a few people can really master them. Through skill, practice and knowledge, they find the winning strategy to become the next champion. In the podcast The upper hand, we invite gamemasters to give you an insight into their strategies. Which principles should you keep in mind while playing chess? When should you wager your money on a bet? And how do you get the upper hand in a negotiation in diplomacy? With these practical tips and some victory theory, nothing can stop you anymore from becoming the best!

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