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Conversations with two Kentuckians- musician Eric Croft and actor Deaton Gabbard. Also, Fancy Talk about gambling bills in the Legislature. And with the usual Kentucky sports continuing to struggle, we look outside the box for a tournament champion.

Show Notes

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Season 2 Episode 3
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Today's Segments

Artist Spotlight- Eric Croft
Produced by: TyniBrian Edited by: Malachi N Woodard

Artist Spotlight- Deaton Gabbard
Produced by: TyniBrian Edited by: Malachi N Woodard

Today's Music

First Music Break

Scott Whiddon- The Ballad of Chris Bell
Country Wide- Keep on Shifting
Vana Cava- Lil' Drinkypoo

Second Music Break

Crimson Croft- Iustus Vado
Pearlie Jenkins- Prosperity
The Rough Customers- Black Hole

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