Cloud Realities

Live from the heart of Google Next'24 in Las Vegas, right from the Expo floor, we're bringing you a special limited series of episodes. Join us as we make connections between Google, AI, industry adoption, cloud transformation and customer experience. Plus, we'll keep you updated on all the latest news and juicy gossip. 
On day two of the conference Dave, Sjoukje, and Rob talk to: 
  • Nigel Walsh, Head of Global Insurance about Insurance meets AI. 
  • Paula Natoli, Director, Global Strategic Industries, Supply Chain and Logistics about Supply Chain meets AI 
  • Fabien Duboeuf, Industry Manager, Manufacturing about How AI is revolutionizing Production Operations and Customer Experience
00:40 Announcements from the Expo floor at Google Next'24
12:11 Insurance meets AI with Nigel Walsh
32:55 Supply Chain and Logistics meets AI with Paula Natoli
52:42 Cloud transform & customer experience meets AI with Fabien Duboeuf
1:15:24 End
Nigel Walsh:
Paula Natoli:
Fabien Duboeuf:
Dave Chapman:
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Marcel Van Der Burg:
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What is Cloud Realities?

Exploring both the practical realities and the exciting alternate realities that can be unleashed through cloud driven transformation and cloud native living and working.

Each episode, our hosts Dave, Sjoukje & Rob talk to Cloud leaders and practitioners to understand how previously untapped business value can be released, how to deal with the challenges and risks that come with bold ventures and how does human experience factor into all of this?

They cover Intelligent Industry, Customer Experience, Sustainability, AI, Data and Insight, Cyber, Cost, Leadership, Talent and, of course, Tech.

Together, Dave, Sjoukje & Rob have over 80 years of cloud and transformation experience and act as our guides though a new reality each week.