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A show dedicated to the Goodwin Sands Radiogram, a podcast series and live radio experience depicting the lives of the people from the South East coast of the UK, written and produced by Ben Horner.

Show Notes

An hour dedicated to the wonderful world of the Goodwin Sands Radiogram. A part ethnographic, part sound art,  podcast series written and produced by Ben Horner with the announcer performed by Peter Kelly. 
Goodwin Sands Radiogram is broadcast from an imaginary shipwreck off the South East coast in Kent where we meet some of the people who inhabit this part of the world. This magical radio experiment with a wink at pathe news-reels,  takes a nostalgic look at what radio once was and what it could be with a little imagination. 
This is an extract from ‘Transmission’ a live edition of Radiogram recorded in Canterbury, where classically trained musicians where asked to improvise to the pre-recorded interviews in the style of an old time live radio broadcast. 
The theme is based around journey’s, trips and transformation so get ready to be transported to Goodwin Sands..
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