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Kimber is using her organization to meet the "little needs" of people in poverty who otherwise would not have someone to help during the pandemic. Don't miss this inspiring episode.

Show Notes

We talk with Kimber Bishop-Yankee, founder of Kids Empowered which offers one-on-one, group programs, and training to empower children, teens, parents, and professionals to deal with unfriendly classmates and friends, bullying and to build confidence, emotional intelligence, character, leadership, self-esteem, mindfulness, fitness, and social skills.

She has spent 22 years. Helping families and children and difficult social and school-related situations, coaching counseling, one session, small group gatherings, and Michigan. She has led nine missions to Kenya. Jordan Palestine, Canada, she has sponsored over 500 weeks of summer camps. She has run seven marathons to raise money for clean water projects and Kenya. She has organizes sponsored eight 40 foot containers of different medical supplies, school supplies, soccer equipment for people in need, and Kenya. And she has raised thousands and thousands of dollars to help Kenya relief provide there or be able to purchase their first school bus, build a soccer field, and a cafeteria for 1000 kids.

18 Months ago Kimber became the chair of the Oakland County task for homelessness and poverty and explains how she came into that position and the role COVID-19 has played since March of this year in their efforts.

Over the past 23 Saturdays, her organization has joined up with other Pontiac nonprofits to form the My COVID response, team. They have organized 50 people to drive and take food to about 250 families and seniors that don't have access to the resources they need during the pandemic.

She has decided to use her nonprofit to help people who are need of these "little things" that are a major obstacle to people in poverty.

You can donate on kidsempowered.com

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