5th and Dribble

On today's round ball we break down all things Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals in the not too distant future!

Show Notes

On today's round ball we are talking non-stop NBA Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals!

The boys break down massive Game's 6 & 7 from the Boston Celtics versus the Miami Heat (11:14)! Did Jimmy Butler solidify himself as a top 15 player in the league with his top 1 performance? 82 points in 2 games and they still couldn't get it done! Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown are you Finals bound big three but is that a big three to get excited about?

The boys break down key match-ups (24:10) between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. Is it alarming to see that 6 of the 7 major statistics are in favour of the Golden State Warriors? But you cannot count out these Celtics! Tune in to hear how we rate this series and our predictions on this week's round ball!

What is 5th and Dribble?

A couple boys from Western Sydney talking NRL, NBA and a whole lot of sh*t. 5th and Dribble encompasses all things armchair expert, "I woulda made it if..." and memories of sinking a few with mates!

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