Processing Trauma Out Loud

You are listening to Processing Trauma Out Loud, conversations about trauma and healing from two women who are doing the work. In this episode, Sher re-engages Kandace’s story of a time she felt profound fear and dread as an 8 year old girl. Telling our past stories of harm with an attuned listener is the pathway to healing and freedom. It’s not always easy, only necessary if we want to experience the deep goodness of being seen, known, and loved!

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Jeremiah Jones
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What is Processing Trauma Out Loud?

Conversations about trauma and healing from two women who are doing the work.

The scars of childhood trauma don’t fade away. The roots go deep. This trauma can wrap tentacles around every aspect of life, pushing and pulling us according to its will. These stories of harm have been hard wired into our brain. Yet, we don’t see the connection of childhood trauma and current day pain because it has been with us as far back as we can recall. We don’t realize this trauma is the source of our struggle to feel peace, joy, and love. Instead, we live with emptiness, loneliness, anxiety and shame.

The wounds of your trauma can be healed. It’s a process and we hope our podcast can help.