Cedar Rapids Real Estate Investing & Real Estate Financial Planning™ Podcast

Learn how to speed up achieving financial independence.

Show Notes

How can you speed up your journey to financial independence (FI)?

In this special class, James will go over a brand-new spreadsheet and walk you through all the different ways to speed up your achievement of financial independence.

James covers the following in this class:

  • What is financial independence?
  • How is financial independence defined mathematically? How do you know if you're financially independent?
  • A brief discussion of pensions, annuities, and social security and why you may prefer to focus elsewhere
  • An introduction to the new Financial Independence Asset Allocation and Cash Flows Engine™ spreadsheet
  • Speeding up FI via job income
  • Speeding up FI via properties
  • Speeding up FI via business profits
  • An introduction to Safe Withdrawal Rates
  • Speeding up FI via invested assets (and a SWR)
  • Speeding up FI with annuities
  • Besides earning more money and reducing expenses, what are the strategies for achieving FI faster?
  • Sources of money to invest... and allocating that money to speed up FI
  • Investing or reinvesting in what to speed up FI?
  • The three primary groups of strategies to improve speed to FI: increase savings, increase returns, and reallocate assets.
  • All the strategies for increasing savings
  • All the strategies for increasing returns
  • A discussion of Return on Equity and why it matters when you're trying to speed up your achievement of financial independence
  • All the strategies based on reallocating assets
  • Risk versus speed - a tricky trade
  • And much more...

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