Church Unplugged

Pornography is not just an “out there” problem— it is an issue that plagues the men and women of the church. And in a day and age where the porn industry takes in more money than all major sports leagues combined, we have to talk about it. Join us as we discuss the difference between lust and love, the danger of consumerism, and the importance of aligning every aspect of our sexuality with God’s character.

Creators & Guests

Jimmy Kozy
CCC Leadership Team
Joe Coffey
Senior Pastor at CCC
Zach Weihrauch
Lead Pastor at CCC

What is Church Unplugged?

Tune in to Church Unplugged, the podcast of Christ Community Chapel, for a candid exploration of how our Christian faith and everyday lives interact. Each episode includes pastors and staff discussing common questions or issues related to our faith that may not normally be covered in weekend service. New episodes are released on the first and third Monday of every month, don't miss out on a new way to learn and grow in your faith!

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